We are committed to being transparent.

We are probably not the first web development, SEO, or digital marketing firm you have spoken to or worked with.
We would like to be your last.
Here are the questions our prospective clients ask the most. If you have a question that has not been answered here, please give us a call at 617-359-7343.
1What makes you different from other development firms?
Our business was founded to yield tangible results for our clients and reduce the risk we see as part of our industry. We do so by having a commitment to transparency and hiring the most experienced talent.
You can trust that your website is being created with the appropriate know-how and experience at every step. In this industry, often times we see resources are used outside of their expertise, such as having designers code when short staffed. This can lead to website issues and/or poor quality. At PINKOA we believe in having people work in their area of strength, having our designers design and developers code. We also approach websites as an extension of your sales process and one of the most important sales tools.

Finally, we were formed to serve businesses and the communities they impact. We seek to develop long-term partnerships and grow alongside your business.

2How long does this process take?
Turnaround times vary depending on project size and complexity. We have deployed websites in as little as 2 weeks as well as worked on large engagements with phased deliverables stretched over a year. On average larger organizations with multiple services take about 3-4 months. For smaller organizations with a focused product or service plan on 2-3 months.
3How do you work with clients?
Our process starts with a deep dive into your sales strategy and business goals. We then develop designs and a web copy for your approval. Upon approval, we develop, customize, and test before launch.
4Do you do maintenance?
Yes, we do. We offer packages for clients who want multiple hours of work per month. For other clients, we work on an hourly basis as needed.
If you want us to fix a bug with your website, we are happy to work on an hourly basis to resolve the issue.
5How much do your websites cost?
Multiple factors such as timeline, size of the website, technical complexity, features needed, and whether you need SEO and PPC services affect the cost of a web development project.
6Can you tell me about your development team?
Our development team members have an average of 10 years of developing experience and go through a 4-step hiring process before joining PINKOA.
1What can I expect to get out of SEO?
SEO is to drive organic traffic to your website. Properly done, SEO on a new website takes a few months before showing significant results.
2How are you different?
We approach SEO like we approach our other services - as a strategic partner. Create a strong foundation and provide ongoing services to maintain or improve your position. Rather than optimizing for keywords, we work heavily in technical SEO and deeply in Google Analytics to provide the best ongoing advice.
As a rule, we only use white-hat strategies, or strategies designed for people, rather than black-hat strategies, trying to trick the search engines and building low-quality links, which can result in your website being penalized.
3I have done SEO in the past, but not seen many results. Why is that?
There are many reasons. Many of the businesses that we have evaluated and worked with having a poor online reputation, lack of reputable links back to their website, a weak maps presence, weak technical SEO work, or lack of ongoing content creation.
We welcome the opportunity to assess your presence and provide you an action plan.
1What can I expect to get out of doing PPC?
A properly implemented campaign should yield results for the business almost immediately. An attorney investing $10K/mo in New York may be getting 3-5 qualified calls a day or e-commerce company typically sees a 200%-400% return on dollars spent.
Contact us to get a report of cost per click and recommended monthly spend.
2I've done PPC before with no results. Why should I try again?
Unfortunately, we see this frequently. Mostly this is a result of an old approach to PPC: paying for clicks on keywords with a set and forget approach. This may have worked years ago, but not anymore.
Our PPC team has experience managing between $5m-$8m of monthly spend across multiple industries with clients who stay with us . This means we deliver results. A well-implemented campaign starts with research but is successful as a result of a proper allocation of spend, A/B testing, proper tracking, and ongoing client communication to improve lead quality.
3How do I differentiate between agencies?
It's important to know ask how much monthly ad spend budget an agency or individual has had experience managing, the length of client retention, and client results including conversions and/or revenue to the business. Client results, in particular, can tell you how well someone manages a campaign.

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