Launched a new website for an industry-leading business consulting firm which resulted in them jumping from #8 to #6 on Google.

SEO Consulting

The client had a page that ranked #8 on Google which accounted for a large amount of traffic and prospects during the year. Unfortunately, their old website was starting to break so we developed a plan to maintain the ranking of the page post-launch. If not done correctly, this often results in a significant drop of the page.

We did keyword research and improved both the technical SEO (speed, images) and the keyword choice on the page.

Upon launching the live website, the page only dropped 1 rank, which is expected. 2 weeks later, our improvements led it to jump 3 spots to #6 on the first page of Google..

Services Provided

  • Wordpress

  • Plugin Research

  • E-Commerce

  • Keyword Research

  • Technical SEO

  • SEO for All Pages

  • Speed Optimized

  • PHP, CSS, Javascript

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